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2015    Studio Visit Magazine, Volume #29

2015    Faller, Angelita. Wide Canvas: Mateo Galvano mixes drawing, photography, sculpture, sound, and poetry in his vast installations, Perspectives Magazine, Ohio University, Summer Issue

2015    Beldue, Tamie. Catalog. Drawing Discourse: 6th annual exhibition of Contemporary Drawing, Department of Art & Art History, University of North Carolina Asheville.

2013    Shimizu, Karen. Ohio: Hilton Columbus Downtown, Saveur

2012    Catalog. The Hilton Columbus Downtown Art Collection

2008    Kotwall, Kaizaad. Abstract painter inspired by nature, mortality. The Columbus Dispatch

2006    Burr, Elizabeth. Galvano Transcends Technique at Mainsite, Pop Magazine, The Norman Transcript

2005    Indyke, Dottie. A Driving Force: Abstract painter lets intuition be his road map, Albuquerque Journal North

2005    Cook-Romero, Elizabeth. Patterns of Pilgrimage, The New Mexican

2005    Davis, Kathryn M. Mateo Galvano: Wonderland: Critical Reflections, THE Magazine

2004    Brandenburg, John. Artist’s oil works captivate viewers: ink and mixed media paintings are also on view, The Oklahoman

2002    Adlmann, Jan E. Anomaly: New Paintings by Mateo Galvano: Critical Reflections, THE MAGAZINE

2002    Smith, Craig, Painter Mateo Galvano on Dem Bones, The New Mexican

1990    Gwynn, John, Customizing the Art of Performance, The New Mexican

1989    Nizalowski, John, A brilliantly disturbing experience, The New Mexican

1989    Nizalowski, John, The active art of the performance poet, The New Mexican
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